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Mark has a strong technical background and is a chartered member of both the RIAS & the RIBA. With over 25 years experience, Mark specialises in residential developments and has delivered both small and large scale projects, ranging from one off self build houses of varying complexity, to large scale, award winning urban regeneration schemes – including the UK’s largest zero carbon housing development.

Mark is an accreditted RIBA Conservation Registrant and has a keen interest in the history of our built environment. Historic buildings in the UK make up more than 20% of the UK housing stock, and each one of these has its own story to tell. Mark can often be found at the regional archives researching the stories behind some of these buildings, whether it is for a heritage impact assessment for planning consent or just out of interest for the buildings current owner. Mark ensures that all conservation projects are delivered in accordance with ICOMOS guidelines, so as to help guide clients through the various intricacies associated with planning in and around heritage assets. Recent notable conservation works include, the construction of a new build cottage & biomass boiler house in Northumberland within the grounds of, and to service a Grade II* listed 14th century Peel Tower, and the conversion of a redundant shop unit at the heart of the Berwick upon Tweed Conservation Area.

Mark is also a great believer in designing with the influence of nature and believes that modern buildings are heading “Towards a New Biological Age.” This thinking is often prevalent within modern Architectural design, whether it is the materials with which our modern buildings are constructed, our old buildings are refurbished, or the way buildings are planned so as to be comfortable whilst also minimising fuel bills through the use of passive design. Recent examples of this can be seen within Mark’s technical solutions for various paragraph 55 houses delivered by the practice.