Thompsons Walls

Mr & Mrs Waugh


Tony Woodcock – Planning Consultant
Arup – M&E
Patrick Parsons – Structures
Landscape Agency - Landscape

Thompsons Walls is a magnificent estate set at the head of the Kilham Valley in the heart of the Cheviot Hills within the Northumberland National Park. Owned by Adam and Tessa Waugh, the proposed scheme provides them with a basis for evaluating the significance of the holding as a farmed estate, family home and local and regional tourism asset.

The estate is spectacular with rolling open topography with land rising from 460ft to 1,360ft above sea level taking in both the Longhowe and Coldsmouth hills. The hillside is a mixture of mature and newly planted woodland with natural water courses running from higher ground into the valley. At the heart of the estate nestling at the foot of Longhowe Hill is the farm steading which comprises of a pair of semi detached farm cottages, 2 modern steel portal sheds, traditional stone buildings and a sheep handling facility.

The vision we present is not only to protect the natural beauty which this area possesses but also enhance its setting for the benefit not just of the current owner but for visitors to the area and future generations. Our proposals are designed to be sensitive and responsive to the National Parks special character, while allowing the farm to diversify into high-end agritourism.

The estate is planned to be a working farmstead, a family home with bed and breakfast facilities, and equine and sheep management facilities – which will form a harmonious whole, that will be efficient and robust in its sustainability as a working farm. Tourism will play a key role in the sustainability of Thompsons Walls with the business plan identifying new equine facilities and game shoots. The shooting also provides an opportunity for people to experience the Northumberland landscape. Many of the people involved in the shoot (beaters, loaders and pickers-up) benefit from their contact with and employment in this outstanding landscape.